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Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2005, 07:21 am
yep... been that long...

Well, it seems like I haven't updated in a long time, things have happened
since August.

well, I'll start with the most recent.

First, I gotta go pay the body shop thats fixing this guys car
(A 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Pickup) because I turned the gas
nozzle upside down which in turn scratched the crap outta the
side of His gas tank housing. (OUCH) But He's been real nice
about it so far, so that's good.

Speakin of Chevys, theres this Camaro IROC-Z that i've been
checkin out. It's in need of some serious restoration, but
It would make an awesome project.

Got the electrical short fixed in the Regal. (YAY!) And that guy
that fixed it for me is friggen awesome.

Ty might sell me a 500 watt stereo sub woofer for $200 dollars.
not a bad deal if i say so myself. Since He 'needs' to upgrade
to a 1200 Watt stereo. (It's never good enough for Him :) )

So now I can see things at night in the Regal, but it's gonna
need more work, but steady and slowly, and patienly, it's gonna
be one NICE cruiser.

It's gonna need a new head unit for the radio. That ol' Jenson
is going to be retired, but im still going to keep it
as a spare.

Some future plans are of course a brand new paint job, thats
maybe a different color, (I like the current color, don't get
me wrong, I like it very much, but, Im thinkin of gettin a
color to match more closely with the darker brownish color
of the interior. Or maybe keep it stock, i don't know yet.
nothins written in stone.) Dayton Wire Wheels
(No, i'm not gonna make it my tricked out lowrider, but a nice
set of aftermarkets will do) keepin the original hubcaps of course.

There's just many things to do, i've got a game plan, but
it's not solid yet.

Besides my love of makin old cars nice, I've been workin at BP.
punchin in some serious hours, it's all good.

I've been watchin closely at the people who I refer to as
'friends' cause these so-called, 'friends' can be sneaky,
shady, back-stabbing. You think you best buds with a dude,
then He turns around and sticks it up your ass. pfff.

Well, i'm happy for 'em. - That's my motto, and it keep me
from going nuts. See i dont get mad, I laugh and make
the best of situations, cause im that dude that strives
to be above-average, and make my self interesting.

but this doesen't mean that other people to me are not interesting.
and i'm not being egotistical right now, im just sayin the
way I currently see things.


So, to end this post, I'm just gon do what I do. And I'm happy
for everybody, including myself.

Ball in hand,

- Kevin