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Fri, Jul. 22nd, 2005, 06:19 pm
sigh... ball in hand

hi everyone.

Well the Buick's been actin up, the carbureator was trippin
and i kept stallin out.

but dad got me a new rebuilt one, so its all good now.

Theres a show like not far from my house, with Erics
new band, i would go, but tonites not a good night.

parents are fighting and I dont want any more drama
on top of it. sigh....
Well I guess i no longer work at Friendly's.
last Saturday i tried callin out and couldent get through.

so i'm not even on the schedual for that Saturday or this one.
its not worth the hassle, 18-24 dollars a week for gas money
and im not even allowed to get a sip of soda. It's amazing,
i refuse to talk to her.

I dont think im ever goin back. i might as well just stay
with what i got.

im gonna miss some people there. there are some
incredible people that work there.

and somethings i say that Ill do, i dont. i should go over to bp
and apply, i dont. i have a bill that ive still got to pay,
i havent yet. i need to get my ball in my hand and get it

i just wish things could be better right now. but
they could be worse.

- Kev