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Fri, Mar. 12th, 2004, 02:32 pm

not a bad day...

i'm in tech right now.

it was the funniest in Mrs. Williams today, Curt, Jarett & Ishmel (sp?) all played teacher.

Curt whne he said 'new assisant teacher...' he walked up & then he said, 'wait i gotta make an entrance first...'

me & Luis are laughin & ahh, it was just too funny...

i gotta go...

- Kev

Wed, Mar. 10th, 2004, 04:28 pm
nice day..

Today looked shitty at first, nows its nice & bright out.

i'm goin to the organizational tonite, (gotta call Tom first) so that'll be fun.

In tech, i was lookin through the server & i found old pics of Jarett & Jamie, it used to be mad fun with the three of us, dickin around. i remember Jamie dropped the camera & then i dropped it & it still worked.

i miss that whole class last year, with Mark Porter (he always used to talk about Jesus & God with Jarett, nothin worng with that) & Even Barrett (who's in my class again) & Steph & that other kid Stephen & of course Jamie outta all people.

its not like that no more, it sucks. i hate everybody in that class except for Evan & Rachael, its not fun at all anymore.

haha, it was funny as hell when Schrader would show us somethin on the Monitor & Jamie always lost her place in it somewhere & Schrader would be like Ellis! (her last name)

i was talkin to Mandy, & she had this dirty mind test that i took, unfortuntaly i failed, but oh well, its all good. "OPPS?" haha.

iight, im feelin good, so im gonna go, peace,

- Kev

Mon, Mar. 8th, 2004, 05:54 pm
well, well...

Friday was good.

nobody came, & i was dressed all sharp.

Me & Chris had a really good talk about Business & Time 'actual' time, like goin back in time & stuff like that.

i didn't do nothin ALL weekend. i was mad tired.

Today sucked. i'm goin to the open in hopes that it'll make me feel much better.

Everybody readin, get Orgy - Blue Monday, if you don't have this or the original Blue Monday already, every word said in that song is how im feelin today.

i'm out,

- Kev

Thu, Mar. 4th, 2004, 10:45 pm

well another day of standin in the autorium.

Yo, whats up with havin 3 friends being pissed at me in less than 2 weeks? The latest one being half my fault. it was a tough decision, if i lied to her, she woulda been pissed at me, if i didnt lie to her, he would have got pissed, which he did.

this is bullshit, Im tired of this tickin time bomb that always goes off when i dont lie to her, he thinks im gonna crawl back to him, which i'm not. fuck that.

i went to Luises Monday & saw Dark Blue, that movie is crazy.

& Again yesterday, me & 'him' didn't say a word to each other.

I don't understand, he broke up with her, why is he more pissed off about it than he should be? makes no sense.

but, whatever.

Tomorrow, Tom is showin the plan at Chrises house, so i'm goin to that.

I think i talk about the business a lil too much in here :-D

God, Danny came back after being suspended. What a fag. He got a haircut, he lookes like a shaved monkey. what dickless.

aight, i'm out,

- Kev

Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2004, 10:37 pm
what a crazy day...

first, i got to school a little late.

Today's the first day that most of the school's takin the HSPA, for us that don't, we just chilled in the autorium.

i almost didn't goto tech today, I kinda felt like takin the day off from there, but i coulden't catch up wtih him, so i missed the bus, but Brian Toomey or Paulmeri whatever his last name is now, saw me & he missed the bus too.

we got a ride from his mother, & i went in & Schrader wanted me to install OS X on a few more comps & punch holes in these papers.

well, i thought i lost a friend, but as soon as i thought i did, i got the friend back, wtf? Now i know life can be up & down but this is ridicolus!

aight, well, i gots to go,

- Kev

Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2004, 10:28 am

the open was great.

Ty brought Andre Dorsant (sp?) & he seems really interested.

next week, Vick & Debbie golad. that's gon be hot!

hehe, i talk about the business way too much in this.

With my friends, SHe doesen;'t wanna be friends no more, i try callin her & stuff to try & stay friends, but i lost one. & it pains me to have to lose a friend, but, i have to go on.

well, i got to go, im gettin a ride to screwl.

- Kev

Mon, Mar. 1st, 2004, 01:07 pm
nice day


today's such a nice & warm day. i'm at tech right now.

a certin person said that he was goin to beat the shit outta me, but nothing happened.

I didn't even look at him when i came into class, for the whole time.

we had a big convo last night, & he thought i was playin dumb, but i really had no idea to what he was talkin about.

i just wish friends would stop fighting with me.

another certin someone hugged Adam Flynn's brother in the hallway. that deserves a big...


she obviously has no good taste in guys, coulda gone out with me, but, she had to be a stuck up bitch

iight, i got to go, Schrader's lookin around.

- Kev


The open's tonight, im mad souped about the business.

Sat, Feb. 28th, 2004, 10:57 pm
3 you're free, 6 you're rich

today was mad good times.

Me, Ty, Chris & Tyree all went contactin.

yo, Tyree is the funniest black kid in all of Rahway, no Union County!

we all went to Menlo Mall, goin in store after store, gettin those contacts in.

i really had one guy, but he just keep goin on about the Compaq laptop he was talkin about.

oh well, it's all good.

Tyree was funny throughout the whole trip. He knew the lyrics to almost every single rap song played in the car, & this guy who we thought was driving a UPS truck, keep blocking out the sunlight & Tyree was like 'thanks, buddy!' 'Here! i'll help you fat black kid in the back of that accord in front of me!' god, that was funny. turns out though, that it was some big ass brown bus & not a UPS truck.

that was mad, exciting, fun, great, will never be forgotten, good times.

i dunno, but for some reason, Chris went into PacSun for a beanie.

& When we got back? woah, more fun/good times. Tyree told us that he works a graveyard shift at the Modell's sports shop (forgot where) from 10 PM to 8 AM. crazy. HAHA, he told us that after Ty said hes not gonna give him a ride because Tyree said that Ty wasn't important. Tyree was like, 'haha, i don't care, i'm a fat black kid, you'll be doin me a favor by walkin all that way.' we just all cracked up.

aww, man, that was great.

Ryan said i should go apply at Walmart for a job, ill check that out tomorrow.

iight, time to go

- Kev

Fri, Feb. 27th, 2004, 11:45 pm


i HAD a good day.

me & Ty go out contactin & with this person (Mandy, you know who this is) & well we goto Woodbridge mall, & i try contactin this guy & he was tellin me all about this computer & person knows that i was contactin this guy, but instead she was talkin to him about somethin else, that pissed me off.

next, i talked to this guy that looked more sharp than the guy i was talkin to before. same thing i talked to him & tryin to get a contact in, but person did it again! she was talkin to him about 'drivers' blah blah, & i was like, 'sigh... whatever'

i said enough, theres more, but i don't even feel like typin it all out, the whole things makin me sick.

sigh... i'm losin faith in some people,


Sunny gave me some CD's & Greg Johnson (sp?) came to the meetin at Chris's, so that was good. he seems really interested, so its all good.

i gotta find my papers unless Sunny can re-write it all down again, which i dont wanna do, cause it makes me look irresponsible.

peace out & good night,

- Kev

Fri, Feb. 27th, 2004, 03:52 pm

nothin special happened today.

i'm just here for now, chillin, waitin for my TV dinner to get done, cause i'm gonna go out with Ty later to make contacts.

yo, Mac OS X is hot makes me wish i had a Mac, i saw the system & everythin, but watchin the installer made it look more hot than it originally did, i thought it was gonna be some boring text shit.

so, from now on, everyone should stop hatin on Macs.

goin out contactin's gonna be hot too, if we goto Menlo again, i'm gonna check out the Apple store again & see if i can try & contact another cool guy from there.

i'm mad hungry, so peace,

- Kev

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