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Thu, Jul. 14th, 2005, 09:10 am

yo! just sittin by the pool after work and starin at the
water just makes ya think a lot.

It's Awesome.

I thought about lots of things, the good times and bad.
the cool people, the fags, people who were popular,
people who were not, and people in between.

Guess I kinda miss the drama... in a wierd way.

i guess the bs is all part of the process.

Well I say, "It don't matta, none a-this mattas"

yea, i know i sound like a geek cause i quoted Aqua Teen,
but that is the truth. And that show is the junk, dont you
forget it!

Seriously, I haven't been myself lately. I feel like
i have to put on an act... to protect myself from mental
manipulation, by people who feel that i need to be
under of some control.

of course I say EFF THAT! its the kind of thing that
can drive a person insane. Some people I guess have
a strong talent for psychology.... sigh you know
whats sad? i just used google to help me spell that word.
Hehe, oh well.

i know im not some kind of retard. i see what goes on
in front of my eyes at least, sometimes lately, what
happenes underneth the radar. i get vibes off people,
knots in my guts, ect.

its sad, but you cant always have a bleeding heart for
everyone all the time... eventually itll dry out.
sad fact of life, very hard to accept, but you do.

people all the time say, "Yeah im your boy, I'll never
diss you, i got your back!", "Don't worry about a thing,
I got you covered."

but i know that its all an act, maybe to protect themselfs
as well. i read other peoples LJs and feel them on the same.

Its amazing

iight, well im out, later actors...

- Kev