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Thu, Jul. 14th, 2005, 03:00 am

first real post since.... whenever.

got to see plenty of folks today, was awesome.

got to see Sharky's Camaro, always a plus. Mary and Jarett came over
the house, which was chill. talked about old things and how they used to be.

bunch of rice rockets at shell, and one orange mustang, the 'stang would
of wiped em all out! :) car was soundin nice.

oh yea... i work at fedex now, which is ok, but im gonna get somethin
better. might pump gas with eddie at bp. well see.

one thing about this summer.... its goin good but no parties! i wanna
see some people.

need a new computer. Eddie told me about this place on Cherry St. where you
can buy parts and build your own. might go check that out.

iight, well im out, later

- Kev