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Wed, Mar. 17th, 2004, 10:16 pm
fo real...


i typed all this before, but, the dumbass 'Click Here' link had to fuck up on me, but oh well.

Friday - Sunny helped me re-write my goals & the steps to accomplishing them, so now i got that all done.

Saturday - i went & saw 42nd Street at the Union County Arts Center. that play was hot. Usually i wouldent goto a play or do somethin like that, but, since i had no plans & some people in there that i knew for a long time was gonna be thier last time up on stage I figured what the hell?

Eric Drylewicz played Julian Marsh the main character, who's a manager for a play called Pretty Lady, so it was like a play within a play, or somethin like that. the best part of the whole play was that Eric got to kiss Heather Medina 4 times on stage, since she played Peggy Sawyer.

i think everybody felt good after the play was over, i know i had a goood feelin after seein it & talkin to everybody.

Sunday i just chilled & didn't do much, same with Monday.

yesterday was great. meet some new people, a certin person... yea, i got mad candy from people & such.

& for today...


i'm like 1/4th Irish or 1/8 somethin like that.


I don't know, things have just been goin great for me, & i like to keep it that way.

iight well, im gonna go.. peace & good nite everybody.

- Kev